Advances in electronic control unit (ECU) in automotive

ECU in automotive rapidly advances to respond demands of market or demands of society, such as improving performance, increasing safety, increasing reliability, improving energy efficiency, and providing greater comfort. The requirements to support advanced features effect ECUs increasing complex, increasing in complexity results in longer development time and leads to more expensive, and adversely impacts reliability.

Issues in adapting model-based development (MBD) in automotive industry

MBD has been attracting much attention in ECU development to address the above issues. However in order to adapt MBD in industry level development these issues are need to be resolved in broad area. And the issues extend over industries related in ECU development.

vECU-MBD Working Group (vECU-MBD WG)

vECU-MBD WG (Virtual ECU Model-Based Development Working Group) intends to make proposals for construction of development environment and its technologies to achieve the efficiency development of the automotive’ ECU.

Activities of vECU-MBD WG

The working group aims to contribute in several fields to adapt MBD in the ECU development at industry level. They includes providing both technical and development process guidelines,  development of working examples, providing entitlement activities. Introduction of our activities: Activity of vECU-MBD Working Group An Activity of vECU-MBD Working Group (1207 downloads)

Participating members

Starting from April 2010, engineers and researchers who belong to car manufacturers, ECU suppliers, semiconductor manufacturers, tool vendors, research institutions, universities joined vECU-MBD WG as volunteers. They are from following organizations.

(30 organizations) (as of Jan, 2021)

Japan Virtual Microcontroller Initiative (JVMI)