Prof. Dr. Dieter Nazarethの講演会を開催しました



◆会場:九州大学伊都キャンパス ウエスト2号館3F312号室(第3講義室)

◆講師:Prof. Dr. Dieter Nazareth (Department of Computer Science, Lundshut University, Germany)

◆講演題目:An Introduction to AUTOSAR, and Automotive Software Engineering

◆講師プロフィール:Professor Dr. Dieter Nazareth is a Professor of Computer Science at Landshut University and a Guest Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His basic focus is automotive software engineering. Ge received his PhD degree in the area of formal software specification and then he joined BMW and that was the beginning of his passion for automotive applications and he has been basically working in that area for twenty years. Writing or working on the methodologies of how to develop software for control units is exactly his focus.